from january to june in 2021 I was finishing my 3D-graphics bachelor degree from Westerdals ACT in Oslo, Norway. for our assignment we could do whatever we wanted so I decided to finally make a short animated film. alone. This has been a goal for me to complete a project like this, so I knew this assignment was my chance to finally take on it. 

during this period I was working full-time next to full-time school which made this project a lot harder to complete as a solo project. So even though we had almost 6 months on this assignment, I only did 1 month pre-production and 1 month of production. since my time was pretty limited I decided quite early that I will try to make the production as effective as I can. so I decided not to create the characters nor the weapons, and use motion capture data for most of the enemies. If I didn't do this I wouldn't have completed the project at all.

Even though I did take some shortcuts on these aspects, I did do a lot of the aspects of a 3D-animation pipeline. I did optimize meshes, modeling, rigging, skinning, texturing, shading, animating, camera animations, lighting, arrange, simulate, rendering, editing, grading, VFX and motion graphics. I also got a sound designer called Samy Colombano who did a great job matching my vision of the project.

programs used are: Cinema 4D, Octane render, Mixamo, Endorphin, After Effects, Davinci Resolve